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3 Major benefits of horseback riding


Perhaps, you think it’s way too boring to engage in what may look from the side as simply sitting around in a saddle while occasionally giving the horse short instructions, which it gladly follows, doing all the job for you (spoiler: this is completely wrong!). Maybe your doubts come from the opposite direction, and you are a bit scared to approach a large animal, let alone climb on its back and let it carry you – for some people, this concept seems anything but safe (another spoiler: although there are risks to everything, including sitting on the sofa all day long, with a good coach you have very little to worry about).Horseback_riding1

The down math remains the same: horseback riding is something you haven’t tried…yet. Why are we so sure you will? Because we’re about to convince you to give it a go and feel the wind in your hair! Discover 3 amazing benefits of riding  (mental, physical and spiritual) below – but be careful, this fantastic activity is extremely addictive.


Learning a thing or two always challenges your brain in a positive way, helping develop new neural connections and pathways, promoting improved memory and enhancing concentration. Don’t get us wrong, knitting will probably do the same for you to a certain extent, but horseback riding takes all these processes to a whole new level. At the beginning, simply steering the horse without constantly thinking about your balance is going to be a massive learning challenge! As you master the skills, new opportunities arise, and even if you find the most experienced equestrian in the world, he will readily admit there is always something new to conquer.


To a casual observer, riding may look effortless, but it’s definitely not. Riding a horse is a challenging type of physical activity, requiring constant entire body awareness and full control. During the ride, many muscles from various regions of the body work hard, including the leg, abdominal, shoulder and back muscles. If you are a beginner, your inner thighs will be extremely sore for a while, just to prove the point! But don’t worry, over time they will definitely become stronger and more flexible (yes, flexible – horse riding promotes increased range of motion, too!). Moreover, much like walking, horse riding improves circulation in the internal organs, as well as makes great cardio activity. So if you’re aiming to increase your overall fitness level or perhaps even lose some weight – make sure to try horseback riding.horse1


After getting past the struggles of the first couple of lessons, most people start noticing that horseback riding can actually be an extremely relaxing pastime. You can get together with your friends for a lesson, or enjoy some much needed solitude while going for a ride on your own.

Many people also find a sense of connection and companionship while working with their horse. These intelligent, gentle, beautiful and graceful animals will definitely steal your heart.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to try horseback riding at least once! Trust us, you’ll have the time of your life. And have we mentioned it’s addictive?

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4 Reasons to try mountain biking


Maybe, you’re new to the whole biking thing. Perhaps, you are a hardcore fan of road biking, who has always admired the convenience of smooth terrain, the ease of covering long distances and the ability to be fast as wind, thanks to predictable, even tracks. Or maybe you are in fact a mountain biker who decided to reflect on what is so attractive in this addictive, unique hobby, exactly. Regardless of what’s brought you here, you’re at the right place! Today, we’re going to highlight 4 amazing reasons to try mountain biking, which will undoubtedly ignite the urge to go for a ride straight away.


It’s a hardcore challenge. Now, we are not by any means saying that going for a jog is not a workout, or that road biking is for the weak; this is simply false. We would, however, like to point out that mountain biking presents a unique challenge for the muscle groups you’ve never known existed, as you need to work on your balance really hard while cycling through the narrow trails and bumpy roads with unexpected turns. Or that riding up and down the hill all the time makes your legs and glutes stronger and tighter than ever (ladies, are you reading this?). As a bonus, you will develop amazing focus and concentration skills and will soon be able to ignore minor annoyances such as branch scratches and an odd sideways fall into the bushes. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – and actually…

The cars won’t kill you, as there are no cars around the mountain biking routes. Given that around 80% of all crashes between cars and bikes are caused by drivers, and the number of such crashes keeps growing each year, the best thing you can do to lower your chances of saying hello to cold roaring steel is avoid it altogether. Luckily, mountain biking provides this generous opportunity (doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look around though!).

Speaking of looking around, mountain biking, without a doubt, will take you to some of the most beautiful places in your area! No matter what time of the year it is – during fall, you will ride through golden trees and falling leaves, and in spring, the ride will take you to flourishing fields full of wild flowers. The journey can be as tranquil as you want – sometimes it’s just nice to stop in the middle of nowhere, take a deep, satisfying breath and inhale the silence.

If silence is not your cup of tea, we have great news for you too: mountain biking is an amazing way to spend quality time with your existing friends and/or find new ones. It’s actually not a very good idea to go for this kind of ride alone – safety first! But it’s not all about precautions: first, the more – the merrier. Second, sharing is caring, and your you can always exchange route ideas with the group.

Hope we inspired you to try mountain biking, and see you on the trail!